“We are a part of nature, and we are meant to be a part of it; we are meant to be integrated with it.”
-Meghann O’Brien

The Little Things is a three-part documentary about environmentally concious snowboarders who are trying to create more of a sustainable way of living. Over the course of two years, professional snowboarder Marie-France Roy paired up with Filmmaker Darcy Turenne to create this projection of a environmentally friendly way of thinking.

In the final part of The Little Things, we are introduced to Meghann O’Brien. Most snowboarders are familiar with her younger sister, Spencer O’Brien, highly known for her successful slopestyle career, but Meghann had set the course escaping to the western mountains of Canada. She didn’t like to claim her native roots when she was younger in life, but with her connection to the mountains she found herself opening up to her Kwakwaka’wakw, and Haida heritage and becoming a professional weaver as well. O’Brien explains her outlook on life and how people need to start realizing that everything is living, and we are integrated with that so now we need to protect it. It doesn’t need to be bundled up and sent elsewhere, it’s right here around us.

You can find The Little Things: Part One here and Part two here!