Outdoor Research Films: Escaladora

For Monserrat Alvarez Matehuala, bringing her full identity as a woman of color to rock climbing has been both challenging and healing. That’s why she’s building safe, women-of-color-led experiences to empower others in the outdoors

Fuel – with Madison Rose Ostergren

Check out FUEL starring skier Madison Rose Ostergren as she shreds big lines, finds cliffs, sends it through moguls. She discovers the fuel that keeps her going up to the mountains and the drive that brings her back down.

36 Hours in Kitsbow: Finding Joy in Atlanta, Georgia

The pandemic has been hard on everyone in different ways. The biggest impact for this group of four friends? Not being able to get together for their backpacking trips. This year they decided to visit the same place they were in before COVID hit the globe, Kitsbow.