VNTRbirds (venture birds) is a women run adventure company based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains specializing in women focused outdoor education and experiences.
VNTRbirds brings women-identifying and non-binary riders (who are comfortable in femme-centered spaces) together to build confidence and self-reliance in the outdoors through mountain biking, backcountry skiing/splitboarding, and community meet ups. VNTRbirds focuses on holistic learning that’s led by women and for women that encourages to own their identities as outdoor athletes in a way that’s inclusive and fun. We provide safer places for learning, mentorship for long term growth, and forums for community and connection with the goal of seeing more women of all demographics on mountain bikes, splitboards, and skis.





MTB Terms You’ll Want to Know

MTB Terms You’ll Want to Know

Have you ever been on the trail or in a bike shop and overheard mountain bikers talking? Sometimes it sounds like gibberish! As with any sport, there’s a lot of lingo. When you don’t know the language, it’s easy to feel left out or frustrated. We’re here to help you dissect the chatter so you can join in!

Spring Cleaning – MTB Style

Spring Cleaning – MTB Style

Like clockwork in Colorado we go from snow to 80 degrees in a matter of days. So it’s no surprise after a winter of skiing that the first mountain bike ride of spring I realize my bike is in need of some love. Let’s dive right into a little spring cleaning, MTB style!

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