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 2024 Summer Ambassador Program

What makes a VNTRbirds Ambassador?

VNTRbirds Ambassadors are leaders in the community! These women-identify + non-binary riders who are comfortable in femme-centered spaces are passionate about mountain biking and dedicated to empowering women while promoting diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors. They represent the core values of VNTRbirds – they are approachable, humble, and friendly, they are active in their communities and are all around quality people!



The opportunity to lead engaging events and make an impact in your community

Experience working with a growing, women-owned company that values your input

20% off VNTRbirds events (excluding the Rider to Racer Program)

20% off Rip Roaring Mini Enduro Race with a commitment to support event logistics

Exclusive VNTRbirds Ambassador swag and gear

Recognition on VNTRbirds’ website and social media platforms

Opportunities for skill-building and leadership development

Promotional codes for VNTRbirds’ partner/sponsor brands

Referral program

Invitations to Ambassador-only events & trainings

Summer Season Kickoff Party in Grand Junction the first weekend in May



2. Promote VNTRbirds Values & Represent

· Act as the representative of VNTRbirds in your area, embodying VNTRbirds’ values of empowerment, inclusivity, and adventure.

· Be actively involved with programs that may benefit from a relationship with VNTRbirds. Help maintain, promote, and drive traffic to dealers near you who carry our sponsors’ products.

· Share event related posts on social media platforms. 

· Share your personal experiences with VNTRbirds on social media and within your local community by handing out VNTRbirds stickers. Basically, share how much you support the VNTRbirds mission!

3. Be a Team Player

· Communicate and collaborate with VNTRbirds once a month about events, social media materials, ideas for new events, opportunities for additional community engagement, provide feedback, etc. We want to hear from you!

· Be accountable for your actions and update your individual tracking spreadsheet throughout the season. 

· Participate in pre-season, mid-season, and postseason check-ins with the VNTRbirds Ambassador & Partnerships Coordinator.

· Commitment to entire summer season: April-October 2024

4. Professional Development

· Become a Bike Instruction Certification Program (BCIP) member for $65 and obtain your Ride Leader Certification. This is a requirement for leading VNTRbirds Pedal Parties throughout the season. 

· Continue your mountain bike education with a VNTRbirds specific BICP Level 1 Course. 

5. Event Coordination & Engagement

· Plan, lead, and execute 1 Community Event OR 1 Pedal Party 

· Attend and support logistics at 1 VNTRbirds event hosted throughout Colorado 

· Events include: 1 day clinic, 2 day VIDA Series, Rip Roaring Mini Enduro located in Grand Junction, Buena Vista, Boulder, Snowmass, Breckenridge, Frisco, Arapahoe Basin and Durango.

· Support building connections among women who share a passion for outdoor adventure and encouraging/ supporting women who are in the mountain biking community.

· Support event logistics including but not limited to set up, check in, lunch pick up, clean up/tear down, shadow coaches, etc.

6. Social Media Engagement

VNTRbirds will provide social media training for all Ambassadors.

· Follow VNTRbirds on all social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and list VNTRbirds Ambassador and link in your bio. 

· Share VNTRbirds content on social media platforms, tagging VNTRbirds, tagging partners/sponsors, and using designated hashtags. 

· Share a VNTRbirds Instagram and/or Facebook post regularly. 

· Promote the mountain bike clinics offered throughout the season.

· Generate your own unique, engaging, and inspiring content (photos, videos, blog posts) showcasing your VNTRbirds experiences. 

· Create 5 unique social media posts throughout the summer. 

· Write 1 VNTRbirds blog and 1 review during the season.

Ambassadors for the 2024 summer season have been selected.

Interested in being an Ambassador next winter? Check back this fall for more information!


What happens after I submit my application?

  • Your application will be reviewed by VNTRbirds staff and the 2024 VNTRbirds Ambassadors will be announced by April 5th via email. 


What’s the difference between summer Ambassadors and winter Ambassadors?

  • Summer Ambassadors play outside riding bikes, and winter Ambassadors play outside skiing or snowboarding in the backcountry and at the resorts! We are currently only offering Ambassadorships based on the season.


Who will I work with?

  • We are hoping to have at least two VNTRbirds Ambassadors from each “Colorado area” where we run events. This way, you have a teammate that is also part of your community!


How else can I get involved if I don’t want to commit the time to being an Ambassador? 

  • We’d love for you to volunteer with us! Reach out to Katie Murphy, Operations Manager, at [email protected] to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.


I wasn’t accepted as an Ambassador at this time. What does that mean?

  • This is the first season we are introducing a reimagined Ambassador program, inspired by the original VIDA MTB Series. We are using this season as a pilot program and limiting the number of ambassadors. We hope to grow the program in the future and encourage you to reapply! If you’d still like to get involved with VNTRbirds, we’d love for you to volunteer with us! Reach out to Katie Murphy at [email protected] to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.