VNTRbirds (Venture Birds) is a women run outdoor education company for women to get into the outdoors with proper knowledge and confidence. We are based in Breckenridge, Colorado but have events all over the state. We host mountain bike clinics, backcountry courses, and maintenance workshops for all women from novice to advanced. These experiences help women become more confident and self-reliant in the outdoors.


Founder & Co-owner of VNTRbirds / Lead Mountain Bike Instructor

Founder and owner, Kelley Wren, lives in Breckenridge, CO. When she isn’t planning various outdoor events you can find her saddled up on her mountain bike or strapping into her snowboard. Kelley was born and raised in the Pocono Mountains of PA and brought up in an adventurous family. Living in a log home on a peaceful lake, in addition to having easy access to sections of the Appalachian Trail and a choice of local ski areas, encouraged a childhood full of a wide variety of outdoor activities.
Kelley moved to New Hampshire in 2009 to attend Plymouth State University and fell in love with new mountains, terrain and trails. Majoring in Journalism, Kelley’s passion for the outdoors merged with her talents with the written-word. She began documenting her adventures when snowboarding or hiking with friends, as well as on her own.
Finally in 2011, VNTRbirds burst to life during an adventurous semester abroad in New Zealand. Kelley teamed up with a close friend and brilliant photographer, and began reporting on excursions, hikes, road trips and even surf experiences and bungee jumping. Noticing that media coverage on girls and women in the outdoors was limited, the duo brought VNTRbirds back to the states eager to participate in the women’s movement. Branching out from snowboarding to all snow sports, then onto mountain biking and rock climbing, VNTRbirds grew from a small niche to the women’s outdoor company it is today, adding its mission to provide not only education for safe and responsible excursions, but also the opportunities to meet up with other like-minded individuals and their appreciation of the outdoors.

leanne wren owner vntrbirds


Co-owner of VNTRbirds / Lead Backcountry Guide

Leanne Wren is an all-around outdoor adventurer. From mountain biking to backcountry splitboarding, she spends the majority of her time playing in the mountains and encouraging other women to get outside too. As a backcountry guide, Leanne has the experience and knowledge to explore beyond the boundaries.



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VNTRbirds is a company in Breckenridge that focuses on promoting women in the outdoors. Founder Kelley Wren likes designing hats for the company with local artists.