Beyond the Summit: Finding Purpose

After becoming the first person to ski the Seven Summits, team athlete Kit DesLauriers found herself searching for purpose beyond herself. And through an epic adventure of athleticism, survival, and conservation, she found it.


In February 2020, I spent a month cycling across frozen lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It’s about 650 kilometres long and 70 kilometres wide and is located in Siberia, North of Mongolia. Cycling in a cold environment implies many adaptations but the essence of bike-touring/riding/packing stays the same: discovering places, cultures, people.

Venture Out: A Women’s Backcountry Festival

By Carrie Scheick, VNTRbirds mentee/die-hard groupie/friendAll photos by Julia Ordog I recently celebrated my one year anniversary with VNTRbirds.   Last year, a friend that was involved with the group invited me to an event at the new backcountry ski...