Meet the Wren Sisters of VNTRbirds

Kelley Wren, the founder and co-owner of VNTRbirds had the pleasure of interviewing with Bold Journey, a media company bringing light to people and companies with a bold mission. Living life boldly means exposing yourself to all sorts of risk – risk of loss, risk of...

Rip Roaring Mini Enduro Recap!

VNTRbirds has been pushing to get more women into the racing side of mountain biking. For us, the goal of racing isn’t to be the fastest, but to complete the race with our friends and with big smiles on our faces. With this goal in mind, VNTRbirds created the Rip Roaring Mini Enduro hosted at Arapahoe Basin on July 30th.

MTB Terms You’ll Want to Know

Have you ever been on the trail or in a bike shop and overheard mountain bikers talking? Sometimes it sounds like gibberish! As with any sport, there’s a lot of lingo. When you don’t know the language, it’s easy to feel left out or frustrated. We’re here to help you dissect the chatter so you can join in!

Trying Hard Things – Being a Beginner in Mountain Biking

We love teaching beginners. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone who’s never been on a mountain bike before start to experience the joy of riding. Our sister-in-law, Kelsey, recently moved to Fruita and, as you would guess, decided to pick up mountain biking! We had such a great time teaching her the basics. Here is what she had to say about her experience: