Things Like Sitting Outside

It’s a simple thing to just sit outside, enjoying the natural world around you. Even if you’re stuck inside today, let’s enjoy the outdoor world with the Gasser Brothers new short video, ‘Things Like Sitting Outside’.

In Current – Running the Grand Canyon in a Wooden Dory

Amber Shannon has been rowing boats for nine years, but has sent the Grand Canyon 12 times. Now, she wants to do it in a wooden dory, just like Kevin Fedarko in his book The Emerald Mile. Accompanied by a big crew including John Shocklee who it took 20 years to get a dory on the river.

Girls Gotta Eat Dirt

This story follows three best friends, roommates, and riding partners Avra Saslow, Clare Hamilton and Delilah Cupp aka Donkey as they crush the single track in Silverton and express their love for the sport and each other.