“I think it’s a big part of us to build our homes, just like birds build their nests. And we’re disconnected from that.”
– Marie-France Roy
Marie-France Roy is in the spot light for the second segment of her three-part documenary “The Little Things”. Back in 2010, MFR had broken her C2 vertabrae and found herself with a lot of time on her hands. Instead of moping about and purely focusing on her injury, Marie decided it was time to do her part to minimize her carbon footprint. This idea turned into a four year project of building her own eco-friendly, cobb house. The Little Things: Part 2 breaks down what she needed to build and how it’s easy for more people to hop on board to this type of lifestyle; then you are treated with some big mountain snowboarding at the end. Enjoy The Little Things Part 2!

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