“We need more people spending time outdoors to then fall in love with the outdoors”
-Jeremy Jones

the little thing

Protect Our Winters is an environmental organization founded and ran by professional, big mountain snowboarder, Jeremy Jones. With this organization there are a bunch of other professional snowboarders lining up behind Jones to also voice their concern with the accelerating climate change.

Little Things is a segmented documentary filmed over the past two years. With Marie-France Roy in the lead of this project, along with filmmaker, Darcy Turenne; the duo are projecting to our snowboard community and even extending farther into other snow sports, the seriousness of this global warming that’ll truly affect what we love most – our winters.

In Little Things Part 1, Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic Silver Medalist and professional snowboarder for over a decade now is telling our community how she sees climate change first hand, and what they plan to do about it while visiting Washington D.C. to talk to the big guns about how to push more for environmentally friendly and sustainable options and opportunities. This would also create a more independent, sustainable country in the long run.

For more on Protect Our Winters, check out Thumbs up, Birds’ interview with Leanne Pelosi, a POW advocate here!