As most snowboarders already know, in 2007 Jeremy Jones created an organization to put a stop to the devastating effects global warming has embed on not only our planet, but our snowboard seasons. Protect Our Winters (POW) is here to represent the snow sports community as a whole and spread awareness and education to help slow down this climate change and reduce its effects on our mountains. Leanne Pelosi, a new Ambassador and part of POW’s Riders’ Alliance, describes the organization as: “The collective voice of many high profile athletes who have access to mainstream exposure in joining the fight against climate change”.

One of the most recent projects POW has on its agenda is to stop coal from being shipped from the Northwest to China. Eric Wallis and Jeremy Jones are creating a documentary to reach out and stop these plans to makes the Northwest an industrial hub.

MOMENTA – from Plus M Productions

It’s easy for you to get involved just by reducing your own carbon footprint. “Start by turning off the lights in your house when you’re not around, or unplugging small appliances even if they’re off because they’re still getting power if they’re plugged in” suggests Pelosi. Reusable water bottles, like Nalgene (, and reusable shopping bags can also significantly reduce waste. Already do these things? Well, you can carpool with your friends to the mountains or support public transit.

Want to truly reach out and help Jones, Pelosi, Gretchen Bleiler, Pep Fujas, Lyndsay Dyer, Nicolas Mueller, Marie-France Roy,  Laura Hadar,  Ingrid Backstrom, Chanelle Sladics, DCP,  and so many more? Get onto and click the link to Get Involved.

It’s part of my social responsibility to be aware and pass on the message to others. I want our kids’ kids to be able to enjoy the mountains that we were able to love”.

-Leanne Pelosi