We’re always giving shout outs to the women that inspired us to start standing sideways. How watching them when we were younger gave us the confidence and encouragement to try that trick just one more time, one more time, and one more time until you really stick it. Well, what about them? Who was it that they looked up to? Well, they had themselves. They had their own drive and motivation to keep shredding with the guys to create something way bigger than they could have ever expected. That’s why they are the true heroes; paving the way for not only for women’s snowboarding, but for other companies geared towards women’s snowboarding to then blossom and create an ever larger wave.

TransWorld Snowboarding ‘GIRLS’ just published an article, “Trailblazers of Women’s Snowboarding” (read it here). It gives us the layout about how it actually was being a female snowboarder back in the early 90s and on. From Tina Basich and Shannon Dunn to Barrett Christy and Janna Meyen they have created something I truly love. In respect for all that these women have done for us, the snowboard industry and just being able to enjoy snowboarding in general; we dedicate this Wednesday to one of my personal favorites and who I aspired to be when I was just a little shred nugget: Tara Dakides.

And you can’t forget her time to shine on MTV Cribs!

Chanelle Sladics says in the Snowboard World Tour’s, The Evolution of Women’s Snowboarding that:

[Tara] decided she was going to be a snowboarder with no future. There was no future, no one was getting paid, so a person like that, I have so much admiration for.

Check out the documentary here: