Follow along as Hana Beaman and Mary Rand journey from Alaska to Washington in their new Ford Ranger, snowboarding, surfing, skating, and biking as they go.
A film by: Teton Gravity Research

Professional snowboarders, Hana Beaman and Mary Rand are up in Alaska watching as the snowboard season winds down. After a final slush session on the hill, the two women set out on a road trip back to their homes in Washington. Along the way they stop to surf, camp, mountain bike, skateboard and admire their surroundings. This isn’t your typical shred flick, but more of an inside look of a professional athlete’s life, even outside of their specialized sport.

During the film, it shows two generations of female snowboarders and their natural evolution with the sport. They both originally fell in love with snowboarding while riding terrain parks. Hitting rails and jumps launched them into the spot light and they grew with their shred community. Soon, bigger mountains called and these women progressed into the backcountry. Giving themselves into a sport they loved so much and becoming vulnerable once more.

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