Last winter, Christine Savage and Fancy Rutherford set out to new lands in search of the Powanoia REMEDY. Crossing open fields of snow and untracked lines far from civilization, they found their cure. Sunny backcountry treks in Tahoe held them over long enough to make it to Japan. The pillow lines look to be exactly what the doctor prescribed. As they searched onward, they gained company of other pow hungry women: Madison Blackley, Iris Lazzareschi and Summer Fenton to name a few. All together experiencing the different snow from Jackson Hole, Utah, Tahoe, British Columbia, Japan and beyond, this solid crew of women took to the mountains to get in powder turns and face shots as well as continue their knowledge, education and experience in the backcountry.

POWANOIA “Remedy” from Sierra Outsiders Media on Vimeo.

RIDERS: Fancy Rutherford, Christine Savage, Savannah Golden, Nelly Steinhoff, Madison Blackley, Iris Lazzareschi, Summer Fenton, Jackie Lammert, Nirvana Ortanez, Faye Gulini, Yui Sotoma-Koyama, Yuribow, Stefi Luxton, Vera Janssen, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer, Corinne Pasela, Izzy Lazarus, and Micah Anderson

Christine Savage Full Part