Christine Savage, hailing from the small resort of Mountain Creek in New Jersey, has a thing or two to show you about creative park riding. Though, this girl did not stop her techniques with just a good rail spot. Christine waved goodbye to the man-made snow of New Jersey for a while and discovered natural powder of the Sierras in Tahoe, California.

Christine was able to take her stand-alone board control of the park and slay it through the deeper and steeper lines through the fresh fallen. Her dual capabilities set her apart from other female riders who excel in one or the other and shows off her smooth style in edits from Too Hard as well as this season’s edit of POWANOIA, showing off her style in the backcountry.

Her 2016/17 season edit is once again packed with all of the above. Big turns that sends powder barreling over her head, to creative street features you would have a special eye to catch and then ride successfully.

Filmed by Kieth Rutherford and Sam Tuor. Edited by Kyle Beckman.