Shred Betties is making history with a crowd-funding campaign for a ground-breaking women’s snowboarding film from Outta the Kitchen.

Shred Betties is committed to raising money for women’s snowboarding projects that will support their mission as a non-profit organization.  This crowd-funding campaign will seek public support for a new women’s snowboarding film by Stephanie Sue Feld and Ashley-Dawn Byrd of Outta The Kitchen.  Feld and Byrd plan to travel the country and document the lives of professional female snowboarders, with the goal creating a film that encompasses both action footage of the talented women of snowboarding, and behind-the-scenes footage that will give us a peek into the lives, inspirations, struggles, and goals of these women.

“These ladies exemplify our desire to show the world the true joy of snowboarding, and inspire women of all ages to get out and ride,” Says Shred Betties executive director, Kelly Vance.  One of the goals that Shred Betties and Outta the Kitchen share is the desire to grow women’s snowboarding by increasing female rider participation.

“We strive to inspire women to pick up a snowboard for the first time, strap in, make a turn, land a trick, find a line, and have fun doing it.” Says founder Stephanie Sue Feld.

Outta the Kitchen will follow the lives of a diverse group of female snowboarders who are passionate about showing women’s snowboarding to the world, including Stephanie Sue Feld, Mariah Dugan, Erika Vikander, Melissa Evans, Britt Horowitz, Kelly Underwood, Courtney Cox, Kelsey Boyer, Stefi Luxton, Kaleah Driscoll, Maja Lofvenmark Keefer, Melissa Riitano, Veroniqi Hanssen, Sandra Hillen, and Morgan Lynne Anderson.

“By funding this film project you are not only funding us, but women’s snowboarding as a whole. With this budget we can give everyone an even playing field to get recognized within the sport we love and bring women’s snowboarding to a further reach than ever before.” Says professional snowboarder Erika Vikander.

Rider Britt Horowitz, one of the founders of the Mascara Militia film crew, feels strongly that this type of film project is paramount to the success of women’s snowboarding.  “It’s setting aside drama, personal relationships, and individual agendas to put a group of selected riders in an atmosphere that encourages them to perform the best they can. It’s the idea that in doing so, they all will produce different results; ones that they might not have known they could before. I look at the list of riders and see names of some girls I have encountered that are leaders.  OTK will bring them in the same place to learn from one another and grow together. Giving female riders a chance to be positive and not compete against one another is needed today. For women in snowboarding, this is the next step.”

To find out how you can help the Outta the Kitchen film become a reality, view our Indiegogo campaign:HTTPS://WWW.INDIEGOGO.COM/PROJECTS/SHRED-BETTIES-FUNDRAISER-FOR-OUTTA-THE-KITCHEN/

About Shred Betties
Shred Betties is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing a voice for females in action sports, and to provide a platform for success for women who want to pursue careers in snowboarding, both as professional athletes and behind the scenes.

About Outta the Kitchen
Founded by professional snowboarder Stephanie Sue Feld and Filmer/Photographer Ashley-Dawn Byrd, Outta’ the Kitchen is an alliance of women from all around the world who embrace snowboarding as their lifestyle.  Their projects document these ladies as they travel the world in search of street spots, cliff drops, and creative features, and to bring a new perspective to women’s snowboarding.