“In the summer of 2010, while wakeboarding, our boat broke abruptly and we had no means of fixing it. With an open summer, we moved to the next best thing, snowboarding.”

From that point, Juke Snowboards was created. Tim Reilly, Bill Connolly and Pat Rodgers went from a janky home-made snowboard press to the real thing and started in on an industry we all love. Now, they are trying to become bigger and better by providing the public to their line of Juke Snowboards. How they plan on this big release? Kickstarter!

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“We feel Kickstarter is the perfect platform to help get Juke Snowboarding off the ground, into your hands, and onto the slopes.”

With a goal of $10,000, I asked Pat, Juke’s marketing and business development director, what Juke Snowboards plans on doing with all that dough:
“Majority of the backing money we receive from this campaign are going straight back to our riders. Board materials, apparel costs, shipping in the US, etc. will be fueled by our Backers. The leftover profits we receive from this campaign will help us tremendously and allow us to ramp up for the winter, 2015 season. We will be able to start designing new 2015 Juke series boards, and truly gain a foundation while entering the highly competitive snowboarding industry. This is the first time Juke snowboards are for sale to the general public. So take your pick, and come shred with us.”


This 2014/15 season will be Juke Snowboards’ first full season of production. And with your donation Juke is giving out custom snowboards, sweatshirts, shirts, tanks, koozies and so much more. So get on there and assist in the development in a new snowboard company JUKE SNOWBOARDS!


Juke | Tribal Build from M▲CK HENN on Vimeo.

The build of MacKenzie Hennessey’s snowboard, Tribal. These kids are serious!