FINGERS CROSSED EP3 from RyanKennyProductions on Vimeo.

Alaska: the final frontier. Also, the final destination for our girls with Fingers Crossed. Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber packed up from Colorado and kept on their search of snow.  Taylor went on another hiatus over to Nova Scotia while Claudia got set up in Haines, AK. The Bus Life crew accompanied her again as she scoped out lines from day one. Beautiful blue skies welcomed her, but once Taylor rejoined the group, there was a lot of down days from weather. This gave the girls time to chop wood, stretch, map the terrain and more.

Claudia comes from long years of backcountry riding where Taylor is a new buck to the game. She was humbled by the steep lines of Alaska and learned to be more confident in her riding. This concept of Fingers Crossed was beautifully directed to see the progression for these riders as it is happening. By the end of the season, the duo got their shots, had their adventures and learned a lot along the way. Stoked to see what else these girls will produce in seasons to come.


Riders: Claudia Avon, Talon Gillis, and Taylor Godber
Location: Lunenberg NS and Haines AK
Filmers: Benjamin Webb, Jan Schuster, Ryan Kenny, David Vladyka, Aaron Maksymec, Brad Sarauer, The Bus Life Crew, Vanessa Chan, and Brian Hockenstein
Edit: Ryan Kenny

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