We are introducing ‘Fingers Crossed’. This is an independent project founded by Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber. Two professional backcountry snowboarders are here to show us not just the clean and pristine backcountry lines you see in the final video parts, but the entire show. This new concept was designed by Claudia and Taylor. Finding that they were in the same mindset and direction, they decided to go for it. Unfortunately for them, last season’s snow wasn’t the best for Whistler. With the lack of snow to get the project off the ground the ladies did what they could with what they had to work with, including a surf trip to Tofino, B.C. Once they realized the snow wasn’t coming, they hopped the plane and landed in Colorado. Stay tuned for the second episode: Colorado.


Riders: Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber
Location: Whistler B.C. & Tofino B.C.
Filmers: Bruce Johnston, Benjamin Webb, Jan Schuster, Ryan Kenny, David Vladyka, Aaron Maksymec, Brad Sarauer, The Bus Life Crew, Vanessa Chan, and Brian Hockenstein
Edit: Ryan Kenny

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