Tis’ the season! The sun is finally shining down on Summit County, Colorado and it seems like town has a new heartbeat than during the winter months. You see everyone out running, biking, hiking, but most importantly: with their dogs! Oh boy, oh boy there are so many dogs around town! I am the girl that will stop you on the sidewalk (even if I can tell you are in a hurry) to pet your pooch. I’m also guilty of not addressing the person on the other end of the leash – oops.

Thank goodness JayBird is helping me with my fur addiction by adopting the sweetest, cutest, energetic, spastic, annoying, loving puppy: Arya Rue. This girl has seriously stolen my heart. She might chew on my hands while I type out articles but whenever I look at her to scream OUCH she ends up melting my heart (it didn’t hurt too bad anyway).



To be completely honest, I’m not even sure where this article should go… I mean we can all agree: everyone loves a puppy. So I’m going to advise you to spend the rest of your time looking at these hilarious pictures of dogs – sometimes it a struggle, but its always a good time.

CLICK HERE! .. worth it – otherwise here’s more pictures of Arya! Your welcome.


It’s best when she’s sleeping!