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It isn’t too common that VNTRbirds will post a video with very little snowboarding in it, but these girls are too badass to not share. After watching the And She’s Dope Too crew have an adventure-filled day of not just sliding down the snow, but rock climbing, mountain biking and skateboarding, you’ll want to up and move to Utah.

The possibilities are endless in the right environment and these girls know how to take advantage of it. Featuring Amy David, who loads up her ‘adventure van’ and experiences all of the above with different ladies in all different fields. First, meeting up with Laura Ewald for a split trip up the hill, before coasting down into the valley to start rock climbing with Akina Johnson. Once the duo splits up, Amy is off again to seek out Christine Dern to get some air while mountain biking, then finally skating to the setting sun with Shannon Yates. All then meeting back up for a cold brew at the end of the day.

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