Outta’ the Kitchen: IndieGoGo 2 from Ashley-Dawn Byrd on Vimeo.

Outta the Kitchen is a group of girls that are traveling the world to create their own women’s snowboard film. Support these girls and donate to their fund. With Stephanie Sue Feld and Ashley-Dawn Byrd as the leaders of the 12+ girl crew they are in search of fun and adventure through snowboarding. Stephanie Sue Feld, Kaleah Driscoll, Mariah Dugan, Erika Vikander, Melissa Evans, Britt Horowitz, Kelly Underwood, Courtney Cox, Kelsey Boyer, Stefi Luxton, Maja Lofvenmark Keefer, Melissa Riitano, Veroniqi Hanssen, Sandra Hillen, and Morgan Anderson are just some of the ladies joining in on the project.