HAPPY EARTH DAY! This holiday has always been one of VNTRbirds’ favorite. Even though you should have good environmental practices everyday, it feels so good to have a specific date set aside to bring extra focus to the environment. So today you can work locally and pick up some trash you see on the trails, or globally and donate to a non-profit like Protect Our Winters. Or, if you have the means, BOTH! In celebration, we are posting some of our favorite videos and articles of how beautiful nature is and how we can use it to have a lot of fun.

First up, Where the Wild Things Keep Playing. The sequel to Where the Wild Things Play and an incredible, short video of women in the outdoors. Flashing through various sports and activities, Where the Wild Things Keep Playing includes it all with women front and center.

You can also revisit the first film: WHERE THE WILD THINGS PLAY