Farmer's Almanac 14-15


As August winds down and an autumn chill comes in with the once warm, summer breeze, VNTRbirds start diving in on the new teasers and season edits to get us hyped on the snowy season to come. The next two months consists of having our eyeballs glued to the screen and replaying clips again and again of the heaviest of hammers from the winter that feels long since passed. When we’re able to pull those suckers away we are looking up towards the Rocky Mountains awaiting the signs of soon arriving snow clouds.

Luckily in between the dire want of snow and when it actually starts to accumulate on the hillsides we have the Farmer’s Almanac that either stokes us up on the season ahead or have us praying that they are wrong and the Snow Gods will strike anyway.

Well, living in Breckenridge, Colorado – I must say we were definitely stoked to see the prediction of the 2015 shred season. Bitter and snowy is exactly how we like it! The bitter keeps out all the yuppies that can’t handle the cold and the snowy; well, you know!

Actually, seems like it’s going to be a good white winter all over the board. But get extra hyped New England &Mid-Atlantic for scoring Wintery and White!