Way North from Mathias Kögel on Vimeo.

You should always have a goal each shred season. Whether you’re going to ride more powder days, or just more days in general. Or you’re finally going to stomp that frontboard that kept eluding you last season. For snowboarder Aline Bock and freeskier Lena Stoffel is was to ride powder and surf some waves on the same trip to Lofoten.

Lofoten is a small Norwegian island in the Arctic ocean. The girls decided to film their travels through the blustery cold adventure and show how they took charge of their winter. They never said it would be easy, but that’s what an adventure is all about: the challenge.

See the girls, face the untouched peaks and then dive into the icy waters of the ocean in their film ‘Way North’.

p: Nick Pumphrey s: Coolermag.mpora.com

p: Nick Pumphrey
s: Coolermag.mpora.com