Summer 2023 is just around the corner and we’re hoping that the coming months will bring lots of quality time outside with friends on bikes! If you’ve been following along lately you know that we’ve been teasing you with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. An announcement that means a bigger community, more variety in our clinics, and even more rad experiences. An announcement that we hope you, our VNTRbirds followers, alumni or prospective riders, will be just as stoked about as we are. Are you ready to know? Keep reading…

Will there be even more clinics to choose from? Yes! Will our clinics be offered in more locations across Colorado! Double yes! Is our coaching staff growing? Absolutely! But that’s not all…

VNTRbirds is beyond excited to announce…(drum roll please)…that we have acquired another brilliant bike instruction company that was created by women for women – VIDA MTB Series! Cue the fireworks!

So how did this happen?! The missions of VNTRbirds and VIDA are so aligned that when the owner of VIDA approached us about combining the two, it just made too much sense! Our goal with this new VENTURE (couldn’t help it) is to celebrate the lifestyle and culture of mountain biking, while continuing to provide excellent coaching on skills and progression.

So what does the merging of two amazing companies mean for you? We’re so glad you asked! You’re going to have so many more options – from multi-day clinics to more downhill specific course, and a variety of new events. As we grow, so will our staff, with plenty of new coaches coming on board alongside all the familiar faces. In short, you’ll experience the same women-specific workshops, designed to encourage skill progression through confidence, proper knowledge and self-reliance.

We are also thrilled to bring VIDA’s Impact Committee on board, in order to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ riders.

What else can we say but WELCOME to the flock! Now run, don’t walk, to sign up for one of our upcoming events. We can’t wait to ride with you!

– The Wren Sisters