Second episode of Desiree Melancon’s United Slopes of America – season two. For this trip, the girls stray from Brighton to explore the freshly fallen snow in Southern Utah. The adventure starts at Brian Head Resort, where Desiree, Jill Perkins and Nirvana Ortanez were welcomed into the home of the Fava’s. Joey and Pat Fava are two of five total boys in the house, raised by their single father. With the mountains as their religion, the family stays close through snowboarding. Desiree describes their opened-nature to snowboarding and people as ‘a type of glue‘ that brings all shredders together, no matter age or gender.

They also explore what was described as ‘a hidden gem‘. Eagle Point resort has everything you need from a mountain. Empty lifts, the $53 tickets prices and two super dedicated snowboarders that build the whole park. Fun features and an open resort had them stay for a few more days.

Season 2: A Type Of Glue – Southern Utah from United Slopes Of America on Vimeo.