The beautiful thing about living in such a large state like Colorado is that you don’t have to leave to have a surreal adventure. I was grateful to except a trip to Telluride, Colorado hosted by Smith Optics. Southern Colorado is a whole new whole from the life of Summit County. To get to Telluride is a very secluded drive, full of red rocked cliffs and desert-like atmosphere of mesas and sparely decorated with Rocky Mountain trees.

Once you get through the long road, the San Juan mountain range opens up and welcomes you in.


Smith Optics knows how to keep you pampered on a short stay. Four days and three nights at the Peaks Resort and Spa, with not just the car valeted, but snowboards and boots as well. This place shouted luxury.

Every room had an awe-inspiring view of Wilson Peak that would be ignited by the sunset each evening. I was instantly in love.

The first morning

The first morning

Day Two

In the morning, a full breakfast was consumed and the crew went out to the lifts to catch some laps before meeting with our guide for the day. Around 10 o’clock we were in the village and being introduce to Alex, a Telluride local and our unofficial tour guide. We truly had one destination: Palmyra Peak.

Palmyra Peak, Telluride

Palmyra Peak, Telluride

Palmyra is on the bucket list for many shred heads that get a thrill from steep chutes, divided by rocks and empties out into a large bowl filled to the brim with snow. Though, it’s a tough little trek to get up there.


And this wasn’t the steep part..

Loving this backdrop

Loving this backdrop










It’s an average of two hours to boot pack up to the summit of Palmyra. The weather was the definition of blue bird and you could really feel the sun’s heat hit you and warm you all over. This made for a bit of a hot hike. Open jacket, helmet dangling and goggles pocketed, I hiked up with my Smith sunglasses to keep from fogging. Over brittle, exposed rocks and wind-blown, steep faces, it wasn’t flawless. I did find myself crawling up and over a section more than a few times. Though, as I anticipated, the view from the top was amazing.


Caution: Falling rock


Myself and Carlo, stoked to be close to the top












As victory snacks were consumed and legs were rested, I just took in the view; before me, behind me and below me, it was all so stunning. I strapped my board back to my feet and check out the line I was about to take. One of the steeper runs I’ve ever had the pleasure to shred was about to come. 3-2-1 drop.

First few yards were sluffed off and icy, but soon my turns were slicing into butter. And there was plenty of snow for everyone. The flow of the run was thrilling and full of sunshine.

Looking up our chute

Riding out the wave

Riding out the wave

Coming to the run out, everyone had a permanent grin splattered onto their faces. We jetted out and there was a lot of fun rocks to air over and mini pow-fields. The legs were pretty set on a jacuzzi session after that, so not much more riding was done besides getting back down to the hotel.

Day Three

The next morning started off casually again, but today was free to ourselves to really explore and discover what this mountain is all about. We covered all grounds.


From the steep trails through the trees to the big and medium terrain parks, it was a fun-filled day. The warm weather lead to spring-like conditions that are always a good time. The crew that Smith Optics brought together were some great riders and I would say we conquored for such a short stay.

Apres were fully enjoyed on our final night in Telluride. We went out into town and celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day that would make any Irishman proud. Starting at the small, yet delicious Telluride Brewing then ending at O’Bannon’s Irish Pub. Telluride is definitely worth the visit. I can tell you, it won’t be the last time Telluride has seen me!


Photos Contributed by:
Heather Crawford
Jenn Reither

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