Too Hard – It's Lit from danyale patterson on Vimeo.

For the past few seasons, the Too Hard crew has been seen as the “bad girls” of snowboarding. Not hiding their love of a party lifestyle and taking it right to the streets with some of the most progressive women’s urban snowboarding we’ve seen yet. And with each edit, we discover more and more girls ripping up the concrete with the assistance of a bungee or homies. These girls are always keeping it real, but with a true focus on new, bigger, better or just plain more stylish tricks. ‘It’s Lit’ is just a name for the dynamite full-movie the girls just released. Watch Maria Hilde, Mary Luggen, Dina Treland, Danyale Patterson, Morgan Lynne, Madison Blackley, Jill Perkins, Marjorie Couturier, Joanie Robichaud, Desronique Verosiers, Kayli Hendricks, Fancy Rutherford, Maria Thomsen, and Corinne Pasela just kill it from opening credits to finish.