Your outerwear kit is never complete with out a warm hat, dry mittens, and fresh goggles to top it off. Here are some of our favorites from Airblaster, Coal, Volcom, Dragon and more. Find these great accessories at your local ski and snowboard shops!

1. Airblaster Face Ninja Mask in Leopard $19.99
2. Coal Lilly Beanie in Black $29.95
3. Brixton Shutter Beanie in Red $24.00
4. Rome Everlast Mitten $75
5. Volcom Cluster Mitt $79.99
6. Celtek Bitten By A Womitten $44.95
7. Dragon Rogue Leanne Pelosi $159.99
8. Airblaster White/Teal Air Logo Goggle $99.99
9. Ashbury Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggles in Hyper Brown Tortoise$94.95

Guide by Jess Trimble