This edit is so loaded with style and tricks, it doesn’t need an introduction. I’ll fill you in any way. Jess Kumira has been working on this project, The Uninvited for one year now and is only halfway through. Including this teaser, she will release four total segments, following up with some riders’ parts. We can’t wait to see what else she has in the editing room. With hammer shredders from Madison Blackley to Kaleah Opal, you know every second will be worth a replay.

Jess collected footage from Japan, Estonia, Quebec, Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Iowa and more. The Uninvited crew is already turning heads to be ‘the crew’ to watch out for this season. And to think, they have a whole new year to dial it all in. You can get a little more on the story and how Jess was stuck with spotty wifi in her Bigfoot camper as she began the editing process with TransWorld Snowboarding.

the Uninvited official teaser from Jess Kimura on Vimeo.

FEATURING: Alexa McCarty, Darrah Reid, Ivika Jurgenson, Hiromi Takahashi, Maria Thomsen, Kennedi Deck, Miyon Yamaguchi, Madison Blackley, Taylor Elliot, and Kaleah Opal

Feature Image source: Snowboarder Magazine

s: Snowboarder Magazine