Two flights, three time zones and about 6 hours of flight time later…. VNTRbirds are still in the United States. Being so giddy and excited to be in Los Angeles quickly wore off when it hit the girls that they would be trying to kill time for 12 HOURS!!!! Checking into the terminal doesn’t even start until 6:30 pm (landing at 11:30am). Jaime and Kelley decided to venture out. Attempting to make it to the international terminal at LAX they hopped onto the next shuttle that arrived, too bad it was a National Car Rental shuttle. Though, VNTRbirds quickly got their act together, turned on the cute little girl mode and was able to catch a ride with the shuttle driver back to the International terminal, right to the gate. Boy is L.A. fun!

Our chill spot in the Cali sun at LAX, June 23, 2011, CA

Getting food, looking at airport shops, and sitting in the California sun killed some time, but still having an hour and a half to go until check in with the carry ons that are 17 pounds each.  Six more hours until departure; what were these fly birds thinking?  Next step, currency exchange.  Fiji money is beautiful! Just imagine monopoly money with flowers and the Queen of England; and even better – $150  American = $215 Fiji!

Kelley all thumbs up at LAX, June 23, 2011, CA

Colorful, fun Fiji money!

But since we have flown the nest and have tons of time to kill, VNTRbirds decided this was the perfect opportunity to give a shout out to the people who made this trip a reality; our parents, because well, they rock! Leaving the home seemed like it would be a breeze, but we will and do truly miss our family. If it wasn’t for the mamas and papas you as readers would have nothing to see! Thank you mom and dad for raising us well and smart and giving us all the opportunity in the world to achieve every goal we set out to obtain. We can’t wait to keep updating just for you to see what you have given us! We couldn’t ask for anything better – we love you.

Mom and Dad Del Pizzo!

Mama and Papa Wren!

Next stop – Fiji.. thumbs up!