Yobeat is a popular name in the snowboard community. But who is the face behind this digital magazine? It’s Brooke Geery: a publisher, photographer, Vermont rider and Editor-in-Chief of Yobeat who has been, “making fun of snowboarding since 1997”. VNTRbirds were able to talk with the mastermind who runs this digital zine of the 21st century.


When did you start snowboarding? Give your home mountain a shout out.
I started snowboarding during the 1994/95 season, technically one year after the “best season to snowboard ever”, but I blame that on my age. I was thrown on to skis by my ski bum parents at an early age, and even scored a free pass to Killington for being under 6! Snowboard-wise I really caught the bug at Pico, where I was one of about 6 snowboarders and we ran that place, from the pizza shop in the village to the park (literally, they would blow us piles of snow and hand us shovels.)

What about standing sideways motivated you to stay and work within the snowboard community?
Probably the fact that it’s so damn fun. Snowboarding has influenced every decision I’ve made since I started, from where I went to college, to graduating from high school a year early to “pursue my snowboard career.” Unfortunately, a torn ACL and broken ankle in the same year pretty much ended that dream, but luckily, my parents had gotten me an AOL account and for $3 an hour, I met a few people in AOL chat rooms who helped me realize that I could go much further writing about snowboarding than being a rider.


What is Yobeat, what is it like working there?
Yobeat is a website I started when I was 15 with my friend because we wanted to start a zine, but didn’t have any money. Since we’d met in the aforementioned chat room, it was only natural we would put it online. It’s grown a bit since then – it’s now a real business with a few full time employees and a bunch of contributors cheap nike air maxs. We have a sick office in Portland with a mini ramp and total freedom, and I get to do whatever I want (a perk of being the boss!) It’s a dream come true.

We see a lot of comments on Yobeat that can be categorized as ‘girl haters’. How do you feel female snowboarders are represented on the site?
I think Yobeat has a lot of general “haters,” as is the nature of the Internet, but most of the comments geared towards women are either a modern form of pulling pig tail on the playground, or other girls who are just jealous. I think you’d be surprised the number of female-directed hate comments that actually come from females.


On Yobeat your title isn’t only Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, but also Intimidator. What’s with that?

It’s a joke, kinda, but I think the back story is I have a strong personality and am not afraid to say exactly what I think. Some people may find it intimidating, I suppose, but I am not afraid to own it. You know what they say, nice girls don’t get the corner office!

We see you have your own website Brookegeery.com. When did you start getting into photography?
My father is a fine art photographer in Vermont, so I have had access to top-of-the-line camera gear since before I can remember new balance discount store. I know Preston Strout (formerly of High Cascade and now running Crab Grab) said I was the first person he ever saw with a digital camera! I don’t really consider myself a photographer, but I learned early on that with web media, you’re much more valuable if you can shoot photos and write.


Anything else you want to tell VNTRbirds?
Yeah, I’ll drop my theory on women’s snowboarding. In the last few years I’ve been honestly floored by the progression women are making in halfpipe, slopestyle and backcountry, but obviously there is still a huge gender gap. The only thing that will ever close this gap is time – women didn’t have role models or equipment for a solid 10-15 years after men did, so of course there will be a difference in the top athletes on the men’s a women’s side today. That said, for 99.9% of snowboarders, being good, getting coverage, etc etc is really not the point, so don’t stress on it and just go have fun riding with your friends womens air jordan 3 retro. Everything else will work out in time.


See more of Brooke’s hard work on her site or check out Yobeat to have your share of making fun of snowboarding!