Sidetracked is a 7-part webseries, coming to you from the Full Moon crew. This all-girl shred group is made up of Robin Van Gyn, Hana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi, Marie France-Roy, Jamie Anderson, Annie Boulanger and Helen Schettini. Their mission?: to create a 2-year in the making full length all-female snowboard film that portrays the essence of snowboarding through their eyes.
Since two years is a long time to wait (one year down, one to go) Sidetracked was born to feature each one of these ladies and their own pursuit.

SideTracked by Full Moon: Healthy Eating: Helen Schettini from Runway Films on Vimeo.

It’s not easy to have a healthy diet when you’re always traveling and on the road. Whether it is from lack of cooking area, or for most, lack of cash. Helen Schettini is the one on the Full Moon crew that is in charge of a lot of the meals, so she has to make due with what she has. Going from living off of day old muffins and rice, because her paychecks needed to be stretched, Helen noticed her diet was directly affecting her energy levels and how consistently she was injured. Now she’s packing in the veggies and tell the rest of the girls to do the same. See her sidetracked!