Now when it comes to “mountain steez” I always claim just be yourself. Don’t go out just to create a fashion statement, because in the end, no one really cares. I, personally, probably look like most girls out there, wearing Volcom pants tailored at the knees and a long fit jacket or hoodie. Others still rock the helmet covers so you are transformed into a Unicorn (rad) or a bee (not as rad). It’s whatever, really. Pick your own clothes and run with it as long as it’s functional. But there is one style that just really makes me shake my head and laugh.

This article goes out to those women (cause it’s always women) that decide to rock out in only one color: white. Are you serious? You just love looking like a Heavenly angel that much you’re going to match not just your pants and jacket, but go for it and match your gloves, boots, goggles AND helmet? You do realize that the snow is white and you really are all camo then, right? It’s like driving a grey car with no head or tail lights while the thickest of fogs settles in and not expect someone in an F150 to ram the shit out of you from behind.

Stole this photo from GaperGram's instagram... enough said

Stole this photo from GaperGram’s instagram… enough said

Other reasons why wearing a full white on white on white outfit is a terrible decision:

1. Stains (Oh hey Gaper… what’s that questionable mark on the seat of your pants?)

2. Just because it’s all one color doesn’t mean you’re matching.

3. Not a very unique color way.

4. You get made fun of on media sites like this one.

Now go tie-dye your stuff!