I can admit: I’m spoiled. Everyone who has the pleasure of living in a mountain town is incredibly spoiled. We are the upper class of snowboarders. Most of the time we work god-awful jobs and get paid crap, but who cares if we’re only a 10-minute strut to the lifts? We know to steer clear of the weekend shred at the resort and that when we get up to the mountain on Monday morning it’ll be clear of most gapers. I’m proud to claim the whole run as my own and get after it. Lap upon lap without waiting in any lift line. Half the time the ticket scanners just let me cruise on through. This is my bliss, along with many others. But with all these highs (and getting high) there are also lows (therefore, getting more high). When holidays come around, my space is completely invaded. The worst of all holidays? SPRING BREAK.

Yup... these guys

Yup… these guys

Now Spring Break is always advertised as a time for the college kids to go off somewhere new and let loose because in one week they will be gone again. Go ahead and act like a pretentious prick – you’ll be back home in just a few days with some great and outrageous stories you most likely embellished to the point of pure fiction.

When Spring Break comes to town you don’t even want to snowboard. There are more Go Pros on the mountain than actual shredders. Unfortunately, I need to still go to work each day and that involves a lot of interaction with all of these intruders. My favorite moments are when the 20 year olds come in and start bragging about all their sponsors and how they were paid for their trip out  (meaning their moms). Sigh.

Yes, tourism is how we’re able to keep the businesses going including my place of employment and the mountain itself, but I mean damn people. You should look up to us for going after what we really want out of life: a good powder day and some perfectly shaped jumps to boost. I am not a “snow bum”; I’m a snow connoisseur! Now give me my mountain back.