So if you’re lucky enough to live in Summit County, Colorado – you already know: it’s still puking snow! Arapahoe Basin will be open well into the usual ‘summer months’ when the rest of the Northern Hemisphere has stripped down to shorts and bikini tops. Not that I’m jealous or anything, but a tan would be nice (not just one in the form of a goggle).
The real problem this Sunday is that were currently floating in the world of ‘Mud Season’. Where all the snow starts melting down the mountains and creating less than enjoyable hiking terrain. Also, almost all of the businesses in Breckenridge shut down because there are no tourists and only broke locals walking the streets. Remember a few weeks ago I was complaining about Spring Breakers? COME BACK! Bring some more life (and money) to my town.
Mud Season is like being stuck in Purgatory. It’s almost dreadful if you have a day off of work (if you’re lucky enough to still be employed) because you don’t spend your time doing anything. Yes we’re stoked on a long season, but instead of walking down to the gondola it’s now an hour some bus ride to the Basin.

This is the month to take a vacation to Moab, UT or hide out in Denver with friends. Jaybird traveled home and our roommate made it down to Belize.. Me? I’ve picked up a new TV series on Netflix – kickin’ it with United States of Tara.

netflix train