Christina Lustenberger came from a ski racing background. Like many backcountry skiers, they separated themselves from the competition scene looking for more lines and steeper terrain to lay in a carve rather than timing their run to the bottom. Though, Christina has a different story. After tearing her ACL not once, but five times, she came to the decision that she would rather ski for the rest of her life than ski race for the next few seasons. And that was it, Christina was off looking for a new world of skiing.

Now Christina is a mountain guide for Revelstoke in Canada and has dedicated her life to backcountry travel and skiing. In this short film from The Black Crows, Christina takes on the first descent of an extremely technical backcountry line named Black Friar. It is very clear that she has the utmost respect of the mountains she explores and is fully inspired by their greatness. Her style and confidence in the backcountry is something that has been earned through years of training and education and is shared now to create her own inspiration.