They call it a picnic, but it is far from a relaxing, sunny afternoon. It is a triathlon that was created specifically for the mountains. Bike 23 miles, swim 1.3 miles, hike 3 miles and climb 6,000 feet straight up, and you aren’t quite done. From the summit, you eat a donut (not required, but why would you skip out?) and then start making your way all the way back down, across that same lake that zapped your energy the first time and back on the bike to get on home.

This is what Kelly Halpin takes us through as she goes out to challenge herself. Which is the most inspiring part, not that she does complete this insane task, but that she completes it for just her; no contest and no sponsors are involved in this decision. She bikes from her hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, swims across an icy cold Jenny Lake and then ascends the Tetons on the Lupine Meadows Trail, and back again in reverse.

See Kelly’s illustrations here.