Outdoorsy women come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Mirna Valerio happens to be a great example of one of these outdoorsy women. As an African-American female, Mirna loves to be outside in nature and really challenge her body. She isn’t the generic picture of a woman in the outdoors: the tall, skinny, blonde that most companies post on their social media sites, attractively wearing their athletic¬†products. Mirna is seen as overweight, but that doesn’t slow her down. She is proudly spreading diversity in the outdoors.¬†REI presents The Mirnavator, the powerhouse of a woman that sets goals and pushes herself towards them, though even if she doesn’t make it all the way through each time, she never sees herself as a failure.

Mirna also wrote a blog article for REI about the TransRockies Run she participated in. And how important it was that she tried, as well as listened to her body. Read it here.

Featured Imaged Source: REI Presents The Mirnavator blog post