Words: Kelley Wren
Photos: MacKenzie Hennessey

Every year, snowboarders wait patiently for their lottery ticket into Rails to Riches at Killington Parks, Vermont. This year was no exception. Some competitors didn’t get the green light until a few days prior, but this event is definitely something to clear your schedule for whether you are competing or just spectating.

The day started out in the high 40’s. Spring like weather caused the park set up to be moved from it’s usual location to another from too much draining water. The mud would have made for some interesting landings. VNTRbirds’ were lucky this season with two of our team riders in Rails to Riches: Jamie Trayer and Ashley Giangregorio.


Jamie Trayer warming up on the down-flat-down


That textbook front board from Ashly Giangregorio

Qualifiers started underneath the warm sunshine and the ladies wasted no time busting out their tricks. Lily Calabrese, a Rails to Riches veteran, lead up the charge, followed by Lauren Tamposi.
“The set-up was big, but perfect”, according to Ashley Giangregorio. And all the girls took charge on these bigger features and showed how stoked they were on each other’s style and tricks.
“The group of girls were all very tight knit… it was a really positive vibe” says VNTRbirds team rider and photographer, MacKenzie Hennessey.


Lauren Tamposi and Jamie Trayer


Lauren Tamposi


Dropping out with a tail grab; Ashley Giangregorio


Lily Calabrese not scared to send it sideways


Followed up by Maggie Leon

In the end only six girls could advance to the finals. Maggie Leon, Jamie Trayer, Lily Calabrese, Ari Morrone, Lauren Tamposi and Britt Horowitz really rode the whole qualifiers strong, consistent and stood out among the others and found themselves continuing on.


As evening came and the temperatures of the day started to cool with the sinking sun, the finalists were really cranking up the heat. Each girl, more comfortable on the features were going bigger and better than before. The crowd rose up and went wild as Lauren Tamposi finally landed her backside 270 onto the down-flat-down also landing her with Best Trick.


Spin to win according to Lauren Tamposi


Lauren Tamposi


Britt Horowitz


Jamie Trayer

Ari Morrone

Ari Morrone



Lauren Tamposi


Maggie Leon

At the end of the long day, all the girls tired from hiking, but still excited to see how the judges played out their riding. Ari Morrone hailing from Big Boulder, Pennsylvania made it out to claim first with Lily Calabrese close behind. Finally Lauren Tamposi took up the third place spot.

Lauren Tamposi; Best Trick

Lauren Tamposi; Best Trick

Ari Morrone, Lily Calabrese, Lauren Tamposi; Podium

Ari Morrone, Lily Calabrese, Lauren Tamposi; Podium

Jamie Trayer happy to see the end of the session

Jamie Trayer happy to see the end of the session