Words: Jamie Trayer
Photos: MacKenzie Hennessey

MacKenzie Hennessey Photography

MacKenzie Hennessey Photography

To say I was anxious would be an understatement. Having only two days on hill prior to this event, my stomach was turning. This year was my second year riding in Rails to Riches and I was beyond grateful. I think everyone was curious as to how Rosey, the terrain park manager, and crew were going to top last year’s event. The setup was sick and the vibe was even sicker!


Close out

Jamie Trayer boosting

Jamie Trayer boosting

Britt Horowitz greasing the C-box

Britt Horowitz greasing the C-box

There was a killer group of ladies that showed up too. Some traveling from out west, some from Sugar Bush and Mt. Snow, and even a few girls coming from Loon, Waterville and Mountain Creek. Maggie Leon and myself were stoked to be representing Killington.


Team rider Ashley Giangregorio is all smiles


Riders Nora Healey from Waterville and Kelsey Boyer trippin’ from Colorado

My first drop in during practice was rough to say the least: ollie to taco on the DFD. But things quickly turned around just like the weather. The crazy conditions went from rain to sleet back to rain and then finally snow. Mother Nature could not figure herself out. Regardless, the conditions were very forgiving and served for easy landings in qualifiers. Riders left consisted of a close out to down tube with side hits to please all. Riders right was a mellow C-box and behind it, the DFD. Smack in the middle was a doghouse rail sitting pretty on a ledge. All the ladies threw down, but only five grabbed a spot in the finals. Finalist veterans Mary Rand, Lily Calabrese and Nora Healey all eased themselves through. New to finals this year was myself and Maggie Leon.


Killington under the lights


Jamie Trayer in finals


Mary “Big Air Mare” Rand gapping to frontlip


Maggie Leon claiming her third place spot


Finals gave us 45 minutes under the lights to grab the eyes of the judges. Temps were cooler, so the speed was much faster and landings became a little wonky. It was definitely a whole new experience. Mary Rand snagged the top spot with a huge gap to front lip on the DFD; followed by Lily Cala “breezy”, with her smooth style and effortless switch ups. Maggie Leon finalized the podium, a youngin’, but one that’s on the come-up and charging! She also showed her worth in the Last Dash for Cash, scooping up Best Trick.IMG_3092


I was so stoked for the opportunity to ride in the finals. The energy was amazing and it’s always great to be riding next to ladies who are there for the same reason you are. We snowboard because we love it. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. A big thanks to Killington Parks for a creative setup and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year’s!

1st: Mary Rand
2nd: Lily Calabrese
3rd: Maggie Leon
Best Trick: Maggie Leon


“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” JT