PUUMAJA-TEASER from Siv Knudsen on Vimeo.

The other day, VNTRbirds received a message from Siv Knudsen, the editor and one of the featured riders in this Puumaja teaser. After watching, we couldn’t pass up publishing it. This Finnish group of girls are killing it and having so much fun. This is how all snowboarding should be represented. Out there, challenging yourself and having a good time.
The full film will follow coming in September!

Edit: Siv Knudsen
Film: Piruliina & Matti Ollila
Riders: Tytti Alapieti, Aino Huotari, Siv Knudsen, Jenni Koli, Pauliina Toivanen & Wilma Wibom
Music: River String Lizards – Surf