VNTRbirds are now back in action. Sorry for leaving all of you TUBscribers hanging, but not much has been happening in the lives of J&K as rapidly as when they were on the other side of the world! This last week was the first time Jaime and Kelley were reunited since the Philadelphia airport. Since Kelley was turning 21, the celebration caused for a road trip up north to the birds home away from home; New Hampshire.
Jaybird arrived at Kelley’s house in the morning, they packed up the car and sweetly caressed their snowboards with a hot wax and buff. With a fresh mix CD injecting the birds with excitement, Keene, NH was only five more hours away.

After spending a long, celebrated night at Jaime’s campus, the birds took a rejuvenating hike up Pisgah that brought flashbacks to why VNTRbirds picked New Hampshire.

After reflections around a lake and then looking out to Monadnock the girls traveled down and started over to their neighbors to the west. Mt. Snow’s Carinthia Park in Vermont just came out with their own snowboard video and TUB’s Jaybird had her own part in it! Thumbs up Jay. The entire lodge was packed tight with people of all ages waiting for the lights to dim and the movie to start. Suddenly the music went quiet and kids were tussling in the front for a center seat. Snow lovers were viewing from stools, balconies, the floor and the bar and were stoked for what their home mountain could put out.

Well, C the Movie was unparalleled by others and really sent the locals off with enthusiastic anticipation for the season to come. This also energized VNTRbirds!

Leaving Mt. Snow soon after the the credits rolled, the girls were heading north east towards Plymouth, New Hampshire for more of the New England tour. Coming in to a surprise party the birds fluttered around talking with old and missed friends while meeting new ones. To add to the chaos and excitement TEAN friends – Ian, Quentin &O – were also present to mix around the fun.
The night didn’t want to come to a close and the birds were dying to hit the rewind button, but in the morning there was some snow waiting to be shredded.

Deciding that Loon wasn’t in the best of shape on the Sunday Kelley and Jaime took exit 28 to give Waterville Valley some action. Expecting the entire mountain to be blanketed with snow, the birds’ aspirations were smothered with mud and dirt, just like the mountain. The original plan was to just hike the park at the bottom of the slope, to bad there wasn’t a park anywhere in sight. The girls were nervous that a lift ticket would have to be purchased with the little to no money they had. Fortunately, they were saved when a couple checked out early forfeiting their lift passes to the restless, jittery birds.
Finally traveling up the familiar lift, VNTRbirds just took in the rocky, brown scenery. Where’s all the snow east coast?
The day was sunny, the snow was pristine, but lacking. There was two features that TUB played around on for a good 3 hours. The birds felt relaxed back on their boards, but the winter in the States isn’t what it should be. VNTRbirds are praying, no pleading the winter storm Gods to bring in the good stuff. All TUB asks for is some pillowy snow for them to butter about in. Is that too much?

After having to take a depressing lift ride back DOWN to the lodge the girls called it a day and left with dreams of fresh tracks on untouched pow.

VNTRbirds are going to stay optimistic and hope for snow up in the north east soon! Jaime already started off her contest season competing in Rome’s Premature Jibulation at Mt. Snow and taking home second place! The girls will be up and staying in the Northeast for the rest of the season soon. Stay tuned to hear of the random adventures the birds take to take breaks from the school day and new friends that will soon be a part of the TUB team.