Iceland. The entire country exceeded my expectations. Everywhere you turn is one incredibly beautiful landscape after the other. At one point I was exhausted from the scenery overload. All the gorgeous and diverse views were laid out before me as I drove the Ring Road. Not many countries have a highway that forms a complete loop around the country, but you can find just that in Iceland. Making your excursion easily planned, but still begging for more time abroad.

There will never be any disappointment if/ when you visit this country, but it’s also important to be a mindful tourist. Tourism has recently exploded in Iceland and this small country’s roads and infrastructure are not necessarily intended for the volume of visitors it receives every year. For this reason, we all have to do our part to travel as sustainably as possible and treat these precious natural sights with respect. The unique landscape is amazing and it differs to everything you know! From black sand beaches, basalt caves, drifting, blue glaciers to the most breathtaking waterfalls you wouldn’t even be able to imagine without being there in person. Iceland is natural, it is all about the land, environment and the peace you feel as you take it all in.

Photos were taken with a Sony Alpha 6000 camera.
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Franziska Bebba
Hailing from Germany, Franzi loves snowboarding and being outside more than anything else. Located at the Austrian border gives her the ideal landscape to venture out every weekend. Her biggest goal is to show everyone the beauty of the mountains.