Park Affair 2016 from Luci Imbach on Vimeo.

Each year, Park Affair has been growing in numbers and experience. The Vermont based event is getting better with age, just like a nice Vermont Sharp Cheddar. This year, Mount Snow was the selected location for the girls to come and learn not only new tricks, but to continuously have fun in the park, grow their confidence and meet all these awesome chicks that have the same mind set and goals. Hailey Ronconi takes the lead in the planning the event, while the same coaches will travel back to the East from whereever they are to come teach like Bekah Ashley and Britt Horowitz. This isn’t an event you can miss!
Yoga is thrown in to loosen up the muscles, pizza party and probably a little bit of some dance parties. The thrill and excitement of each girl going for it, landing and learning is non-stop. Definitely find yourself at Park Affair next season!