Hello TUBscribers!

Now VNTRbirds had a long and exhausting trip home. After 20+ hours of flight the little bird wings were so tired that they were about to nearly drop once they made it back to their homes in Pennsylvania. New Zealand is behind them, only to be revived in their memories. Now, the work is ending. Well, that isn’t completely true.TUB is continuing on this USA winter chasing the snow! Though, TUB is getting a bit of a makeover with a twist. Jaime D. and Kelley W., the creators of VNTRbirds, are both very passionate snowboarders. With shred constantly on their minds they decided to do something BIG with TUB. Now, the main concentration of this blog will be the promotion of female riders just like J &K. The birds are going to be flocking all over the New England region (for starters) and will be searching out the future of female snowboarding, filming and posting them right here on VNTRbirds. TUB is also in the planning stage of a Rail Jam, well a TUBjam, to be hosted at Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire. It’s for all ages, guys and girls. Come out and show your TUB support! Until then, keep checking in on VNTRbirds’ Facebook and twitter pages to see some great videos, photos and more!