Have you had it? When you have felt it you’ll know. It’s what motivates us to do these crazy and extreme things. The things that get our hearts pumping and lets the adrenaline flow. You know the things I’m talking about, the ones that make our mothers shake their heads and ask, “why?”.

My moment is what I live for. It’s what drives me to climb mountains, pushes us to jump when our heads are saying no and it shoves us when our body freezes. And then we jump, we explore, we conquer and we feel the release of endorphins running through our body. Our heads begin to nod and with a grin from ear to ear, the words leave our mouths:


reaching for that moment.
p: Gerard Lagana

For some, it is about being the best, but starting late in the game, I accept that I will never be the best, though I still strive for my own personal achievements. For me, it’s how I feel when I improve, for the movements that feel natural, and being comfortable on my bike. For others it’s standing on the podium, climbing a mountain, sending a steep pow line, running their first marathon.

turning and berming
p: Gerard Lagana


I am luckier then most, I live in a town that excels in extreme sports and if you haven’t heard of Whistler, BC, then you have been living under a rock. With the best bike park in the world at my doorstep, it’s hard not to improve and it’s hard not to be inspired by the level of talent that comes to Whistler to get to that official moment.

Though, sometimes there are days that the moment we are reaching for, doesn’t come. I finish my workday, with kneepads and a helmet on; I swing my feet with anticipation as the lift brings me to the top of my favorite trail.  I chit chat the whole way up, I’m stoked, I’m ready and then…. Nothing! I drop in and it’s not right, I’m just not feeling it, the airtime is short or I take a tumble in the dirt. The thought starts running through my head and eventually I scream out in frustration:


downhill thrill
p: Gerard Lagana


The next day delivery! My feet hit the peddles and I nod, I smile and under my breath, I whisper “oh yeah!” And I can feel it coming on.

Can I be that over positive-person that claims that a bad day makes good ones feel that much better? Or do I just come to the conclusion that it’s not always about the climactic moment, instead, sometimes it’s about being out in the fresh air, with friends and going through the motions of what makes Summer, Summer (and Spring and Fall). And when it’s all done and dusted, I get out my snowboard and hope for a good Winter… FUCK YEAH!

Words by Carla Pasin
Carla Pasin is local to Whistler, Canada. She fills her seasons pedaling down the bike park and gearing for some serious airtime. When the snow fills in her dirt trails she doesn’t spend any less time outside. Carla trades in her tires for a snowboard and sends it standing sideways.