When it comes to Leanne Pelosi there is just so much to say. Inspirational on all snowboard fronts is a start. With her slope style stomping background to her backcountry playground that creates an amazingly, well-rounded, shredder. She is the brains behind the two year project, Full Moon, that dropped this season. Leanne is constantly going further not just with her own riding, but women’s progression in snowboarding as well. She cares about the sport, her impact on the environment and how she can push more ladies to explore their surroundings as well as their full potential.
Here is her full part from Full Moon that’ll have you pressing replay more times than you care to count. From pillow drops in Whistler to spine crushing lines in Alaska, she has it all and with a smile on her face.

Leanne Pelosi pillow popping P: Jussi Crznar

Leanne Pelosi pillow popping
P: Jussi Crznar

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