Words: Erika Norcross

Boarding for Breast Cancer is a large non-profit created to raise awareness and promote healthy living. They look to inspire young women and those affected by breast cancer, all while building a community and giving each other strength to pull through tough times. Every season, B4BC hosts snowboarding events across the country to fund raise for breast cancer research. On March 20th one of those events came to Copper Mountain, Colorado.

part of the crew waiting to drop into the park
P: Kelley Wren

Many local companies including VNTRbirds, SheShreds, Duchess Ride, Cascadia Productions, and Lost Girls Tribe joined in on the cause and donated more than 40 pieces of gear to raffle off. With all of the money raised going back to B4BC, we combined elements of past all-girl shred events into the idea of an all day showcase of women ripping around the mountain. A lot of the girls dipped straight into the park at one of the leading terrain parks in the industry, Woodward at Copper. We all had the drive to give back to a cause that makes a huge difference in a lot of lives.

The girls tried to keep the day pretty laid day
P: Kelley Wren

Kelley matching her outfit to Woodward’s park features
P: Emmah Romero

Hours were spent laughing and lapping which was expected from the line up of 35 kick-ass ladies who came out for the day. From beginner park riders to well-seasoned groomer slayers we had a little of every style.

Being new to park didn’t deter these girls from sending it
P: Emmah Romero

The raffle began around 2pm in the afternoon sun. Girls from all over the resort came back together on the upper deck to join in with drinks in hand. The goal was to raise $250 for B4BC, but with the help and support of an incredible group of ladies we managed to raise over $500!

Karen thinks spin to win is overrated, we’re spinning to make a difference
P: Kelley Wren

Prize table for miles

For the rest of the afternoon, hats, stickers, and other goodies were thrown out to the crowd. Girls won goggles from Smith, branded sweatshirts, hats, sunglasses, and even a trip to Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Winter Park. Meagan Genung was the last name called as she claimed a brand new snowboard, donated by Coalition Snow, an all-female snowboard company. It was a powerful day, emotionally and physically. Ladies were throwing down new tricks, hunting for soft groomers and meeting new girls to come shred with. The end of the day was upon us quickly and ended with many hugs and new phone numbers. Some of us took home awesome prizes and others took home fun memories.

So much stoked coming from the girls!
P: Kelley Wren

BIG Thank you to all the sponsors who made this event happen!